We're Back

by Brock Lawley

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Written for the Tea Party Documentary "Intolerable"


We're back
We're back
We the people are back
We're shutting down the FED
And pushing Red to the Black
We're darkening the sea
Throwing overboard a tyrant's tea

It's us against them Elephant or ass.
When they don't even read the bills they pass
Wheel & Dealing in the art of greed and graft
DC duplicity in the dark shadow cast

17 trillion in your children's name
That's not a game.

We're back
We're back
We the people are back
Awakening a giant who is under attack.
On a hill divine
A city is meant to shine

The earth is shaking under rebel feet.
Millions now marching to this rebel beat.
Right now is the time.
It's all on the line.

The truth lead to real change, not hope
Yelling forward seems a bit strange when you're on a slope.
We are a movement of peace that keeps an arsenal clean.

Empty suit souls that are bought and sold.
RACE, Gender, Class war fare is getting old.
HELL's paved in their promises
of fools gold
Angels left LA for a Texas road.

Started with a whisper
Now it's a scream


released April 26, 2014
Music & lyrics by:
Brock Lawley



all rights reserved


Brock Lawley Pennsylvania

Brock Lawley is a working songwriter and recording artist in Columbus and Nashville. He fronts a band as well as writing songs for other artists. Aside from leading a warm and loving congregation in worship each Sunday, Brock writes an original song every week to wed with Pastor Davis’s scripture focused sermon. These edifying songs and sermons can be heard every week at newvillechurch.com. ... more

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